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Controlling your Claim! ~ In lieu of a claim

If your business is pro-active this is the first step in controlling claims. Never assume and always look to further your education. Keep up with current laws, regulations, contracts, changes, and activities in your field. Take refresher courses on older classes taken.

Don’t cut corners Having a friend of a friend help out and obtain information or perform work on your behalf due to time, can hurt you legally and financially.

Working in other States? Can you? Before you agree to take on a project in another state, ensure their laws are complied with and understand. Not knowing these laws could cause a claim.

If you feel a potential claim may occur due to words in passing or direct comments. Contact your agent and review the issues with them. In controlling the chance of a law suit before the service of suit arrives, can keep the insurance expenses down along with the company’s record of “no losses” in tack.

Always know or have an attorney on retainer. This is the best legal defense for your company.

Last revised: Date 04/30/2008

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