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Interview your Clients?

This may seem to be an obvious solution but it is not practiced enough. Your client could reflect on your business and financial strength of your company.

1) Does your client have the financial means to pay for the contract and/or work to be performed?

2) Does your client have ownership or authorization in the business to order the work and/or sign a contract.?

3) Liens or open law suits which could affect your payment or possible position in the law suit. Hold harmless in your company’s favor to help avoid becoming part of their law suit.

4) Know the integrity and ethics of your client. If you are asked to cut corners and go against your professional judgment, your company could become a part of your client’s future problems.

5) Don’t take the job because money is tight and your gut tells you differently. Approach each client as if you are financially sound to determine if the client meets or exceeds your standards. This client could cause your financials to become worse instead of bettering your financial position.

Last revised: Date 04/30/2008

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